Three forms of water coloring pages

The work consists of three rounded elements positioned on a flat rectangular base, all in polished Seravezza marble (largely white, but small brown marks, grey flecks, and pale grey graining are visible on close inspection). Each element has a precise shape and size, and they are arranged in a similarly precise triangular relationship. The original base has been replaced, but the spatial arrangement of each element remains the same, with a spherical element placed at a distance from two larger and elongated oval forms, the smaller of which lies flat and the larger of which rests on its long edge, both aligned with the longer edge of the rectangular base. The 12 centimetres (4. 7 in) diameter of the sphere reflects one of the dimensions of both larger elements, each of which also shares a dimension of 18 centimetres (7. 1 in) (1. 5 times as large). The medium spheroid measures 8. 5 × 18 × 12 centimetres (3. 3 × 7. 1 × 4. 7 in) and the larger one is 18 × 25. 5 × 12 centimetres (7. 1 × 10. 0 × 4. 7 in). Each object was shaped by hand and so is slightly imperfect. The choice of three forms – two alike and one different – may be connected with the birth of Hepworth’s triplets – two girls and one boy.

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