Power miners coloring pages

In January 2010, Power Miners were brought back to life in the new sub-theme Power Miners: Core of the Underworld. The plot, based on the November 2009 comic, shows the Power Miners fighting the Crystal King with the Titanuim Command Rig, but they accidentally break through the cave floor and fall into the inner core of the earth, where they also find the Lava Monsters: Firax, Combustix, Infernox, and Eruptorr. To keep themselves from boiling from the hot climate, Brains creates heat-protection silver suits, and designs a large base known as the set “Lavatraz. ” Their new vehicles (Magma Mech, Fire Blaster and Claw Catcher) involve usually water cannons, to put out the lava and Lava Monsters. Therefore, the color scheme changed from lime green and orange to lime green, grey and blue. The Energy Crystals also change into Lava Crystals, which is what the Lava Monsters eat.

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