Los chicos del barrio coloring pages

The band was created by Eric Laboy in 1978, with the name Encuentro. Due to a political campaign slogan, the name was changed to Los Chicos, which translates to The Kids by Mr. Carlos Alfonso Ramirez who took ownership and managed the boy band. They enjoyed huge success during the early 1980s, under the new management particularly in Puerto Rico South America and Central America. Mr. Alfonso added the following individuals to his management team: Mr. Angelo Medina (Road Manager), Leonor Constanzo (Choreographer), Grace Fontecha (Personal Image Enhancement), Julio Farinacci-Fontecha (Audio-Visuals & Computer Technologies) and “Jacquene” (Security/Driver). A movie (Conexión Caribe) was filmed and a TV show hosted weekly on Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV. Many songs, including Puerto Rico son Los Chicos, Vuelve, Ave María, Para Amar and Mamma Mia sung by Jorge Lopez a. k. a. Giro Lopez or Giro became radio favorites, and memorabilia items like posters were mass-produced. Los Chicos became national sponsors for Malta Corona and Mahones Savage (Savage Jeans).

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