Count von count coloring pages

The Count’s main role is to teach counting skills to children. The Count loves counting so much that he often will count anything and everything regardless of size or amount, to the point of annoying other characters. In Episode 0746 (Season 6, 1975) for example, he hired Ernie to answer his telephone so that he wouldn’t be bothered while looking for things to count. He then impulsively forbade him from answering the first call that came through until it was way too late, because he wanted to count all 5 times the telephone rang, and a mêlée resulted when the caller re-tried, resulting in an argument with Ernie. In Episode 2283 (Season 18, 1987), on his first day of serving as an elevator operator, he foolishly neglected to let Kermit the Frog out at his selected floor, because he wanted to count all 10 floors in the building, and was unable to stop until he finished, leaving Kermit very angry. And in Episode 3489 (Season 27, 1996), he tricked Oscar the Grouch into saying the word “no” 17 times, by continuously knocking on his trash can and prodding him to help the Count find something to count 17 of. The Count can occasionally lose his temper if interrupted while counting, or feel sad when there is nothing around for him to count. But apart from these, he is typically portrayed as friendly and cheerful.

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